Allergen-Friendly Menu

Yes, it is possible to eat pizza…and hoagies…and wings…and donuts…and cake…OMG!

For those of you that don’t know, the owners son Brandon suffers from severe, life-threatening, food allergies.  These allergies prevented him from eating the #1 meal in America…..PIZZA!  When Brandon was only 9-years-old he set out to find a way for not only him, but for other kids just like him, to be able to safely eat pizza.

Well, he did just that, he invented the first allergen-free pizza, and then he didn’t stop there, he went on to invent our allergen-free hoagie roll, as well as other cool items that we make from time to time:

  • Allergen-free Donuts

  • Allergen-free Cookies

  • Allergen-free Cupcakes

  • Allergen-free Pierogie Dough

  • Allergen-free Burger Buns

  • Allergen-free Hotdog Rolls


So, when your child is invited to a pizza-party, or any event where food will be served, Mandy’s is here to save the day, because we really do care.