Experienced Pizza Maker

Job Opportunity – Experienced Pizza Maker

An “experienced” pizza maker at Mandy’s Pizza is someone who can not only hand-stretch fresh dough, but make it into one bad ass pizza.

Unlike the chains, we don’t have any equipment here that can stretch the dough for you, so this position is only for someone with experience working at a “real” pizzeria who learned how to make a pie the traditional way…with your hand.

What We Look for In a Candidate:

  1. You must be experienced with the hand-stretching of dough.  Mandy’s does not have a dough-press, or a dough-sheeter on premises to aid with the proper stretching of the fresh dough.
  2. You must be able to handle what will be a high-energy environment.  Whether we are busy, or slow, there’s always something for you to do.
  3. You must be able to portion manage.  Ingredient costs are at their highest in years, and it’s up to you to portion-control.
  4. You must be able to communicate to both customers, and to your fellow team-members.
  5. You must have a clean appearance.  While we can be acceptable to many things, you need to be sharp in your appearance since you will be dealing with customers and not hidden in the back of the business.
  6. You must be flexible.  It is the sad nature of the business, and when people need off, and people fall ill, we will need you to come in on a minutes notice.  We do “try” to avoid this as best as possible.
  7. Availability to work both weekends, and evenings.
  8. You must be motivated.  You are more than a pizza-maker, you are the lead in the kitchen and when you’re motivated, the team is motivated.


  1. Proper preparation of our menu.
  2. Manage all aspects of what is leaving the oven.
  3. Dough making.
  4. Food preparation.
  5. Cleaning.
  6. Help with the marketing of our locations when it is slow, or when deemed necessary.
  7. Inventory.
  8. Customer service.
  9. Answering the phones.
  10. and anything else you know is needed in a busy pizzeria.