Following is our Online Ordering Service which is directly connected to our computer system, reducing our time in having to re-enter information that otherwise would have been received by fax, or email.

However, please know that ordering by phone is the most reliable for placing orders, but we do understand that in this time of technology, you young whipper-snappers find it easier to not speak with a human and just hit some clicks…and then the food is delivered.

The Rules….

  • If your order is reaaaaaalllllly confusing…then call it in.
  • Do not use the NOTES area to add what would be considered “chargeable extras”….the order will not be processed since extras are not free.
  • When ordering something like a hoagie, if you want each half to be different…these are TWO separate halves.
  • When ordering wings, if you want different sauces…you MUST order them in sets of 6pcs.
  • If you are just confused by all of this…then JUST CALL US.