what makes Mandy’s Pizza Award-Winning?

Mandy’s Pizza is the areas most award-winning pizzeria because we focus on fresh quality ingredients, and making sure that our customers, all customers, are able to enjoy eating our food.

Started in 1979, Mandy’s was one of the areas original pizza shops, and the first pizzeria to offer home-delivery.  But Mandy’s didn’t stop there, they have been on the forward edge of the industry by setting standards that include:

  • Making our dough fresh daily
  • Using a generations-old marinara sauce recipe
  • Sourcing only the best cheeses for our pizzas, and other menu items
  • Inventing the first allergen-free pizza
  • Inventing the first allergen-free hoagie/sub roll
  • Expanding our menu to accommodate the vegan lifestyle
  • Making sure that kids with food-allergies can “feel normal” when dining out

We have been lucky enough to compete, and win several local, regional, and National competitions when it comes to our food, specifically our pizzas and hot over-sized hoagies/subs.

Mandy’s offers everything from pizza to wings, hoagies, salads and so much more. But we offer the most to our customers is high-quality menu items at a family-friendly price.

We do our best to not compare our prices to others in the market, simply because we just do not know what they use in making their menu items.  For instance, we only use the BEST CHEESE, and NOT cheese with wood pulp or wax fillers. We use HOMEMADE DOUGH, and not dough made at a factory and shipped frozen.  Or how about our FRESH TOMATO SAUCE, and NOT sauce spooned from a can labeled pizza sauce.

In the end, quality ingredients coupled with award-winning menu items equals satisfaction.

What Does Mandy’s Serve?

  • Traditional Pizzeria Menu Items
  • Allergen-Free Pizza, Hot Hoagies, Wings, Salads
  • Gluten-Free Pizza, Hot Hoagies, Wings, Pasta, Salads
  • Vegan Pizza, Hot Hoagies, and Salads

Who is Mandy’s Pizza?

Mandy’s Pizza is a woman-owned pizzeria located in the Westview area of the North Hills.  We are heavily vested in the North Hills not only because of our business, but because we also live in the Northern suburbs, just like the majority of customers.