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Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks!

As some of you have noticed I have not been working my normal schedule. Well, this is due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with an aggressive, yet operable form of bladder cancer.

I am only posting this since because I am asking that you afford my team, a team of great people who have been allowing me to deal with this in the best way possible, a bit of patience and understanding over the next 5 weeks.

PLEASE, whenever possible place orders for pickup, rather than for delivery. Why? We need as many people in-house to deal with all of the orders, and because we’re short a driver.

Prior to me having this surgery I will be making backups, and more backups of all of our specialty diet products so that there won’t be any time where we are sold-out. “Fingers crossed”

However, over the coming weeks I will not be able to work since I will be recovering from major surgery to remove my bladder, where all of the cancer is located, and then to reconstruct a new bladder. (I opted for a bionic model that would have allowed me to have it registered as a lethal weapon, but sadly my insurance declined..lol)

During my absence, my awesome team will be tirelessly covering my shifts so that I can return strong and healthy, and ultimately cancer-free…but not sarcasm-free.

Also in an effort to prevent my team from being overworked, we will be temporarily closed on Monday’s. My team needs to have a way to reenergize.

Again, PLEASE be patient with my staff because without these great people I would not have been able to deal with this unpredictable, and unprecedented life setback.

Thank you for your continued support, and understanding.
Steve & My Great Family


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