Delivery Area

Our Delivery Area

Okay…Okay…We know…You want us to deliver to where you live.  The big picture is that we would love to be able to deliver everywhere, but we have to look at so many variables when it comes to where our delivery area starts, and obviously ends.

Before you “wonder” if we deliver to where you live, please look at the map below where we have outlined the specific areas to which we can only deliver.

Also, please take into consideration that circumstances can dictate if we need to modify, temporarily or permanently, our delivery area.

Ross Township & Westview

  • All of Westview
  • Most of Ross
    • We do not cross McKnight Road

North Boroughs

  • All of Bellevue
  • All of Avalon
  • All of Ben Avon
  • Most of Emsworth
    • We do not go over the Emsworth Bridge

Ohio Township

  • All areas off of Reis Run Road
  • All areas of Avonworth Heights
  • Roosevelt Road
  • Mt. Nebo to Nicholson Road

Franklin Park & McCandless

  • Franklin Park
    • Mt. Nebo to Rochester Road
    • Rochester Road to Nicholson Road
    • Ingomar Road to Perry Highway
  • McCandless
    • Perry Highway to Ingomar Road
    • Ingomar Road to Grubbs Road
    • We go as far as Passavant Hospital

Northside Area

  • Observatory Hill
    • We stop at Dunlap Street
  • Brighton Heights
    • We do not cross over Brighton Road
    • We stop at Brighton & Davis Avenue
  • Summer Hill Area
    • We stop at Ivory Avenue


In addition to our “normal” delivery area, we have additional areas that we do deliver to upon request

Franklin Park:  Blueberry Park

North Boroughs:  Bellevue Memorial Park / Avalon Pool / Acord Park

All Schools:  Northgate, Avonworth, North Hills, North Allegheny

County Parks:  North Park (all areas)

If you are not sure if we deliver to you area, please just call and ask because our delivery area is somewhat large and confusing.