our Super Cool Events

Mandy’s goal is to make all kids feel normal, and it’s for this reason that we hold annual special events for kids with food-allergies and other dietary restrictions such as gluten issues.

I am sure you can remember what it was like to sit on Santa’s lap, or go Trick or Treating.  For kids with food allergies, it’s not as fun and most just don’t have the opportunity to enjoy these fun events.

Mandy’s teams up with local “like” businesses, such as Naturally Soergel’s, in an effort to just allow this special segment of kids to have fun, and to feel normal.

The brain-child of our son Brandon, who suffers from severe, life-threatening food allergies.  His first idea was for Allergen-Free Trick or Treating, since he just didn’t have the motivation to run from home to home to only be given items such as those containing nuts.  He asked if we could hold a party for other kids like him, and so started the events on this page.

Even if you do not personally experience these issues, please pass this onto a parent, or child that you know does suffer from food allergies, or gluten issues.  You WILL be their hero.

Allergen-Friendly Easter Bunny

The first in our series of 3 annual events.  Held a few weeks before Easter, this is a great time for kids to experience the fun, and cuteness, of the Easter holiday season.

The event can change in format, so please make sure to download the latest flier by clicking the button below.

Allergen-Free Donuts with Santa

This is a “really cool” event for kids.  Not that the others aren’t, but you need to know that every kid loves Christmas, and being able to eat breakfast, and then sit on Santa’s lap, well, START THE EXCITEMENT.

This event is held sometime in December.

Allergen-Friendly Trick or Treating

Mooooohahahahahahahaha.  We realize the most kids with food allergies cannot enjoy the fun of knocking on doors; saying trick or treat; and then to receive a tasty treat.

Well, we have changed all of that by holding this annual event.  Naturally Soergels takes the time to setup spooky, buy young child safe, trick or treat stations throughout the behind the main barn area.   Each station will list the ingredients contained in each treat, so that you will feel comfortable in our spooky environment.

This event is held sometime in October.