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Exciting, Yet Surreal

Exciting, Yet Surreal

To all of our great customers, as most of you are aware I have been dealing with cancer since Christmas Eve 2020. When I thought that I was cancer free 7 months after the diagnosis, cancer was discovered in my neck this Christmas Season, a location that is an extreme rarity since it bypassed my stomach and liver. It was also determined that my cancer is unfortunately terminal.

Luckily the military has accepted responsibility for providing my troops with contaminated water while deployed to the Gulf War, and this acceptance has allowed me to retire.

However, what does this mean for Mandy’s Pizza….IT ACTUALLY MEANS GREAT THINGS ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Effective March 1st, Amber who is the rock star owner of The Cakery, only right down the street, approached us about taking over ownership of Mandy’s Pizza with full intent of maintaining the longstanding recipes and allergen-safe menu. Nothing is going to change besides having a bubbly and extremely motivated owner who has a vested interest in the continued success of our popular eatery.

We do ask for your patience during this transition. You have been so supportive and patient during my year off from work, it’ll only be a short time more where things will be back to normal. Heck, many of you didn’t even notice any hiccups.

To those of you who have continually checked in with me about my health, many times it brought tears to my eyes, but joy to my heart.  When I received personal messages, and even cards to my home and shop, I would just sit there overly emotional knowing that I have met so many fantastic people over our 21 years of ownership.

It is now time for me to reduce all of the stress in my life and make good on unfulfilled family promises like more time with them, and less time worrying about the business.  It’s time to plan the relaxing vacation that I promised my daughter when she graduated high school years ago, or even when she graduated college.  I even missed out on this vacation when our son graduated high school.

I have no real idea how long I will survive, but it’s definitely time to live like there’s no guarantee of tomorrow, since for me and my family this fear is literal.

Finally, I want to thank my team of employees, my business family, who have been there this past year ensuring that these doors never shuttered forever. I will truly miss you all.


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