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Does Mandy’s accept credit cards?

Reluctantly. Yes.  Currently we accept, Visa; Mastercard, and Discover.  We do accept AMEX, BUT ONLY FOR CATERING PAYMENTS.  AMEX has the highest processing fees, which we pay for the “privilege” of taking a specific credit cards.

While credit/debit cards offer you convenience, they come with a cost to the retailer via fees and commissions paid to the issuing banks.

While we do understand that it is more convenient to pay with credit or debit, we hope that you will consider carrying some cash for those instances when you frequent your local Mandy’s.  By paying with cash it allows us to manage our price increases which are held hostage by the manufacturers of our ingredients since many ingredients are “commodity items”.

This year alone there has been a dramatic increase in cost from pork, chicken and beef.  Unfortunately we cannot keep passing all of these increases onto the customer, but when you pay cash this allows us to remain competitive, and hopefully profitable.

Additionally, some of our Specials are “Cash Only” since the price if this Special is so customer beneficial that we cannot afford to incur the fees assessed by you paying with credit or debit.

YES…we do pay fees to the banks for the convenience of you paying with your card.  Heck, how did you think they were able to offer you air miles, or umbrellas with the banks logo imprinted on it?

Please Pay Cash!