a Slice of News

Does Mandy’s deliver?

Well Duh!

Sure we deliver, but there are some stipulations.

  • We do not delivery “everywhere”
  • There are areas that we deem as “unsafe” for our team.  It’s not always about the almighty dollar, but it can be about our team arriving home safely every night.
  • While we do realize that you are only “a mile up the road” from where our delivery zone ends, that extra mile will affect those deliveries within our designated zone…so we are very sorry.
  • Sorry, we cannot “run to the store to buy you cigarettes or to play your lottery numbers”.  You act like we have never been asked to do this before.  Hahahahahaha.

Please Remember to TIP YOUR DRIVER!
Rain…Shine…Snow…Power-Outages.  Delivery drivers work hard for tips.