Frequently Asked Questions

Following you will find a collection of questions that we have been asked over the years by customers just like you.  But, we are sure that we may have missed one or two, so if this has happened, please feel free to shoot us an email and we will respond within 24 hours.

Gratuities are how delivery drivers, and in house staff earn money. They work in all forms of weather, good and bad. They dodge daily traffic and detours so that your orders arrive in the best time able.

We view the delivery driver as a “server on wheels” so please remember that the convenience of ordering delivery should be just the same as a server at a dine out business.

The “tip jar” on the counter is not to be considered mandatory. Many of our customers feel compelled to tip our staff for their service, over and above their hourly wage in appreciation for service over and above the norm.  At the end of the shift the monies in the jar are distributed evenly among the staff

Dining in?  While we don’t have actual servers, someone does server your food, and cleanup after your meal. So, we jokingly say, “if your sitt’in, please be tipp’in”.


Automatic Gratuities:

All deliveries over $75.00 automatically have a 15% gratuity added to their bill since many times these take priority status and a driver is dedicated to delivering this priority order.

Pickup orders over $300 are assessed an automatic gratuity since these are considered to be more of a party order. As such, these require special staffing, as well as special attention by our team.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please ask at the time of ordering.

Thank you for your business.

For safety reasons, the answer is NO!

Why?  When it comes to something like vegan foods, the industry is in such flux, heck chaos, and some days the chicken product is made from soy, and sometimes it’s made from vital wheat gluten.

So, for us to be able to SAFELY serve our customers, there’s absolutely no way to serve someone both as a vegan eater, and as gluten-free.

In the end, for your safety, and for the continuance of our business, each of the menus are specific to a dietary need, and cannot be commingled.

It’s not that we don’t care about your “specific wants and needs”, it’s truly because we are a very unique dining business and for us to say that we are concerned about everyone’s safety, would be contradictory to our philosophy that we view safety as more valuable than making more money.

If you are “tax exempt”, you are required to provide us with an official tax exempt for that provides all of the details filled out, including a signature from your authorized personnel.

PLEASE NOTE:  This MUST be provided at the time of ordering, and not after the order has been placed, and/or paid.

Definitely!  You can purchase a Mandy’s Pizza Gift Card in any $5.00 increment.

Mandy’s does support the fundraising efforts of several local organizations; schools; veteran groups; and various other warranted groups.  However, please know that we are probably asked nearly 5 times per week for donations, or some type of support, per week.

Unfortunately, we are only a small business and cannot support each and every request that we received.  If your organization is looking to raise monies, we would suggest that you review our ready-made fundraising ideas, or send us a donation request by clicking the button below.   We review each of these request on a case-by-case basis, and support those that support our small business in-kind.


Well, just by calling the store.

Actually, we don’t really have many restrictions on ordering the Monster, but there are a few conditions:

  1. We cannot make a Monster Pizza during the dinner, or lunch rush.  A Monster, like it’s name, will take up the entire oven placing all other orders into a lengthy delay.
  2. You are limited to (2) Monsters per order simply because of how much room they take up in the oven.  We have two HUGE ovens, and and a single Monster takes up one whole oven which prevents other items from being baked.  If you need to order more than two Monsters, it will have to be during non-prime business hours since we need to accommodate all of our customers needs during prime dining times.
  3. We only allow 2 toppings to be placed onto a Monster, and only 1 vegetable can be one of your choices.
    1. Too many veggies will make this pizza soggy.
    2. Too many toppings in general will increase your chance of dropping, or bending, this pizza once you take it into your home.
  4. How many people can the Monster serve?
    1. (1) Really greedy pizza-eater. or
    2. Up t0 15 “normal” eaters.
  5. We require that a Monster Pizza be “pre-ordered” a MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS PRIOR, so that we can wiggle it into our already busy number of customer orders.

Come On!  It’s bad enough that you thought we would tell you what Brandon’s crusts are made of, but now you think we’ll tell you the recipe of his rolls?  Awwwww, you’re so cute.

We know that as a person, or parent of a child, with food allergies you would love to know what’s inside our allergen-free pizza crusts.  However, since it is a “secret”, we will list the most popular items that IT DOES NOT CONTAIN:

Does Not Contain:

  • Peanut
  • Tree nuts
  • Dairy
  • Casein
  • Egg
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Sesame
  • Corn
  • Gelatin
  • Gluten

NOTE:  YES, this product does contain yeast.

We surely do.

We take the time to painstakingly shred the faux meat, and then we season the product to replicate some of your favorite items such as:

  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Pulled Pork
  • Italian Chicken
  • Cajun Chicken

We are constantly working on our menu expansion to accommodate more vegan items.

Really?  What would the owners son say if we gave away his secrets?

We know that as a person, or parent of a child, with food allergies you would love to know what’s inside our allergen-free pizza crusts.  However, since it is a “secret”, we will list the most popular items that IT DOES NOT CONTAIN:

Does Not Contain:

  • Peanut
  • Tree nuts
  • Dairy
  • Casein
  • Egg
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Sesame
  • Corn
  • Gelatin
  • Gluten

NOTE:  YES, this product does contain yeast.

Yes you can.

Mandy’s systems allow for you to get your party task item off your list.  You can call days, or even weeks, ahead of time with your order so that you can take the stress out of your dining options.  When you need to place a “deferred order”, just call the store of your choice; place your order; advise the order-taker of your need for deferral; and then provide a credit-card to confirm the delivery.

Well Duh!

Sure we deliver, but there are some stipulations.

  • We do not delivery “everywhere”
  • There are areas that we deem as “unsafe” for our team.  It’s not always about the almighty dollar, but it can be about our team arriving home safely every night.
  • While we do realize that you are only “a mile up the road” from where our delivery zone ends, that extra mile will affect those deliveries within our designated zone…so we are very sorry.
  • Sorry, we cannot “run to the store to buy you cigarettes or to play your lottery numbers”.  You act like we have never been asked to do this before.  Hahahahahaha.

Please Remember to TIP YOUR DRIVER!
Rain…Shine…Snow…Power-Outages.  Delivery drivers work hard for tips.



Reluctantly. Yes.  Currently we accept, Visa; Mastercard, and Discover.  We do accept AMEX, BUT ONLY FOR CATERING PAYMENTS.  AMEX has the highest processing fees, which we pay for the “privilege” of taking a specific credit cards.

While credit/debit cards offer you convenience, they come with a cost to the retailer via fees and commissions paid to the issuing banks.

While we do understand that it is more convenient to pay with credit or debit, we hope that you will consider carrying some cash for those instances when you frequent your local Mandy’s.  By paying with cash it allows us to manage our price increases which are held hostage by the manufacturers of our ingredients since many ingredients are “commodity items”.

This year alone there has been a dramatic increase in cost from pork, chicken and beef.  Unfortunately we cannot keep passing all of these increases onto the customer, but when you pay cash this allows us to remain competitive, and hopefully profitable.

Additionally, some of our Specials are “Cash Only” since the price if this Special is so customer beneficial that we cannot afford to incur the fees assessed by you paying with credit or debit.

YES…we do pay fees to the banks for the convenience of you paying with your card.  Heck, how did you think they were able to offer you air miles, or umbrellas with the banks logo imprinted on it?

Please Pay Cash!

It’s quite simple, the owner’s son, the same kid who invented all of these menu items eats from our stores weekly.  If the owners feel safe feeding their own child who suffers from life-threatening food allergies, you can be assured that we would treat you no differently.

Unlike eateries who can “accommodate” some of your restrictions, but really do not understand them, Mandy’s Pizza lives and breathes this everyday.

  • Separate preparation area
  • Your food item will never touch an unprotected area
  • Separate tools are clearly marked for our employee use
  • Our oven is made to accommodate your menu items


While we would love to be able to at least serve beer, the State of Pennsylvania has a ridiculous rule that you need to have “X” many seat just to be able to have a license.  So, for that reason, we cannot and probably will not ever have beer.

However, our Westview location will allow you to bring in your own beer, or even wine, but make sure that you bring along your own glasses, and cork screw tool.

We sure are!

Over the years, Mandy’s have won local, regional, AND National Competitions with our products.  While some of them include a “popularity vote”, many of them are based on actually making and judges eating and voting on the item we submitted.

Whether it’s our white pizza, or simply our pepperoni, this is only a sampling of what wins us awards.  But if a giant hot hoagie is your preference, then you must try our traditional Italian hoagie, there’s not one piece of pepperoni or boiled ham…BECAUSE YOU SHOULDN’T FIND THAT ON A TRADITIONAL ITALIAN HOAGIE.  Geez.