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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

A peek into the restaurant industry:

🥩 Our beef prices are up 47%

🐔 Our chicken prices are up a minimum of 40% for breast and over 100% for wings

🍤 Our shrimp went up 25% and is probably just starting “the climb”

🐽 Our Pork is up 51%

🐠 Our cod is up 30% with limited availability

💳 Credit Card usage and associated fees are up and 💵 is down

🛍 Paper products are up 20% or limited in earth friendly stock

🚚 Delivery fees are up because fuel is up and orders are not always filled because drivers are limited

⬇️ Staffing is down and wages are up ⬆️

🙋🏽 New staff are learning = learning curve

❤️ Be kind to your small businesses.

🤗 Show grace and give constructive feedback (one star reviews and Facebook rants are not constructive feedback).

💰 Stop saying “if they paid more” about small businesses. Small business owners take incredible financial risks, sacrifice so much of their family time, give so much to charities, have unpredictable pricing, equipment failures, are impacted by weather, high insurance costs…the list goes on.

Your challenge today?

⭐️ Write a 5 star review for a local business.
👍🏻 Be nicer, more gracious, more patient
🎉 Cheer on your businesses. Their success is good for your community

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