Fundraising Ideas & Opportunities

Let’s have some fun, all the while Mandy’s is helping your organization raise the money it needs.

Do you know how many requests Mandy’s receives a year from people, and organizations, looking for a “donation”?  Well, I do.  Last year I made a point to collect, and save, all of the requests we received vi U.S. Mail; walk-ins; email requests; and even those taped to our front doors.  We received 67 requests, and obviously we have to sort out which of those we can help, and which we cannot.

Now Mandy’s offers some ideas, unique and fun ideas, on how your organization can make some money, while we help you make it be a profitable and fun…FUNdraiser.

a Car Wash in Mandy’s Lot

Not only will we supply the water to make the suds…and money.  Mandy’s will one-up everyone else by allowing you to give a FREE SLICE OF PIZZA to each of those filthy, nasty and cruddy car owners.

We offer you the lost, on a date of your choice, and all that you need to provide is:

  • Soap
  • Window cleaner
  • Buckets
  • Hoses with “working” spray nozzles
  • Towels (we can provide with adequate notice)
  • MOTIVATED parents and teens ready to raise some money

Award-Winning Food at Your Concession Stand

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Buy Some Pizza & You Can Wear a Costume

Come on, everyone wants to wear a Halloween costume to school!

This is how it works, a week before costume day you have a cafeteria pizza slice sale.  Anyone who purchases (2) slices of pizza receives a certificate which allows them to wear a costume to school on Costume Day.

It’s simple.  It’s fun.  It’s spooky.  But you’ll raise a ton.

Pre-Game Pizza Party Fundraiser

How many people do you see standing “outside” of your schools football arena before a game?

They’re All Starving!

You now have a captive audience to offer award-winning food to at a great price, for an even greater cause.

a Percentage of Our Sales
Can Go to Your Charity

Do you know of someone in need?  Does your school group need to raise some extra cash?  Then this fundraiser is simple.

Mandy’s picks a day to be Your Day, and the more you promote it, the more you will make.

Mandy’s donates a percentage of that days sales to your fundraiser.  Remember though, YOU NEED TO PROMOTE THIS DAY!

Gift Card Donations

This is our Most Requested item, and for that reason we now have an application process to submit back to us prior to Mandy’s Pizza being able to “donate” a gift card of any denomination.

Remember, while we are a business, we are only a small business and for that reason we can only “afford” to donate when fiscally possible.

So, please take the time to click the button below to submit your request for a Donated Mandy’s Pizza Gift Card.

a Unique Hoagie Sale

Did you know that Mandy’s Pizza invented the allergen-free hoagie roll?

Well, because of that great invention, we are the only people in town who can offer you a hoagie fundraiser which anyone can eat from.

Our fundraiser is competitively priced, but we will not sacrifice quality for revenue.  We will ONLY USE the same meats that are used on the hoagies we sell at our pizzerias.

Where many fundraising companies think that an Italian hoagie consists of pepperoni and boiled ham, Mandy’s say’s THAT’S BALONEY.