Mandy’s In The News!

Mandy’s Pizza In The News

Luckily, Mandy’s Pizza is called on, and relied upon, as a source for trends; news; and dining opinions. ┬áMoreover, because of our experience with food-allergies, before it became newsworthy, we are a source for both regional, and National news sources.

Following is a sampling of our media fun.

Peanuts on Airlines

Airline that offer peanuts as a snack option is quickly becoming a point of concern for those with, and parents of children with life-threatening allergies to nuts.

Did you know that while some people are allergic to peanuts by eating them, others have adverse affects just by the oils being circulated in the air?

Gluten-Free Options

While many in the food industry see gluten issues as being “a fad”, Mandy’s has been offering gluten-free, and even allergen-free, options before it became newsworthy.

Our son Brandon invented the allergen-free pizza when he was only 9 years old as a result of his severe life-threatening food allergies…That’s NOT a Fad!

Doctors Recommend GF Diet

So, for those experiencing stomach pains, among other ailments, Doctors are now recommending a gluten-free lifestyle.

The Worlds Best Allergen-Free Pizza

Mandy’s has literally taken their allergen-free pizza coast-to-coast.

From Pittsburgh, to Southern California, Mandy’s is the preferred pizza for those with food-allergies, and gluten issues.