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Steve’s Update

Steve’s Update

I know that he have received sooooo many cards; emails; texts, and private messages, but it’s so overwhelming that we couldn’t respond to all of them.

Steve went in for a simple, yet already intensive surgery for bladder cancer. However when they literally opened him up, they discovered an additional mass that didn’t show on his CT scan.

His original surgery was to last 3 hours, followed by 4-5 days in the hospital. Sadly, upon discovering this mass, and the infected parts surrounding this mass, his surgery lasted over 12 hours because so many specialists needed to be called in to complete this surgery. Now 7 days later he is still hospitalized.

The following day is when Steve was finally told that his life has forever changed, a very emotional experience.

Then only 3 days later his pain became unbearable and after 12 hours of lying in pain, it was determined that they needed to give him a NG tube, a procedure where they slide a large tube through your nose and then down into his stomach. This is similar to when some has to have their stomach pumped.

In this time he was also informed that he will now need several months of expensive, and painful chemotherapy treatments. Initially he was only to have a simple operation, and no radiation or chemo would be needed. Oh and we forgot that he needed a blood transfusion on day 2.

His life, and more importantly his family’s life has changed.

He has woken up to see all of the gifts, and his wife has taken the time to read to him each and every message that he’s received in support.

Before his surgery his fear wasn’t of the cancer, but to make sure that he had enough backups of their special diet products, especially those for Lent.

It’s Steve, you either love him, or you don’t. But what you do know is that if you needed help, he’d always be there for you. This is what we are asking from all of you, the people that keep him from giving up.

His friends, the Batey family setup a GoFund me, something I’m sure he will kick their ass for once he kicks cancers ass.


Thank you so very much to all of his friends, and especially to his guys running the business while he cannot be there. If not for everyone, he not sure where life would be right now.

A very special thanks goes out from Steve, to his wife and kids, without them he’d be lost.


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