The Allergen-Free Story

How Mandy’s came to focus on those with food related issues is simple. The original owner’s son Brandon had been diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies since the time he was able to crawl. Unfortunately, in 2001 there weren’t very many food options available to the family so they could “make him feel normal”.

When I opened my bakery, The Cakery, in West View in 2020, Steve (the original owner) and I became fast friends. I got to know him, and about his family over the years.  When Steve was initially diagnosed with cancer, I helped where I could.  When it came time for him to sell the business due to his health, he was crushed at the thought that his son would no longer have a SAFE place to eat. That’s when I knew that we could NOT change the menu or practices that he put in place for all those years. I am still proud to continue the mission that they began and provide the GF and AF community with a safe place to eat.