The Allergen-Free Story

The story, and reasons why we focus on those with food related issues is simple.  Our son Brandon has been diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies since the time he was able to crawl.  Unfortunately in 2001, there weren’t very many food options available to us so that we could “make him feel normal.”

By the time he reached 9-years-old he decided that the only way to feel normal was to find a solution to many of the food items he wasn’t able to enjoy.  Items such as pizza; or cookies; or bread; and yes, even donuts weren’t, and frankly even now in 2015, don’t taste that great, unless it’s something that Brandon has taken the time, considerable time, to create.

Following, you will find a video that he asked us to make for him, and for others, to better explain the “why” of his efforts.