Who We Support

Who Does Mandy’s Support

Mandy’s takes their relationships, and sponsorship very seriously.  While there are places out there where you can shop and support, we hope you will patronize those that are our favorites.

When it comes to supporting organizations with sponsorship, Mandy’s is a Veteran-Owned business, and for this reason our first belief is to support those who have served us…and their county.

However, when it comes to other sponsorships, while we receive requests for sponsorhips nearly on a daily basis, being that we are a small business we must sort through those that we feel really need our support; have a positive impact on the community; and involve children.

So, again, please take the time to view who we think are important, and please take the time to either patronize their businesses, or support their causes.


There are those unsung heroes that many forget about, until that time of need.  Those men, and woman, are fireman; police officers, paramedics; and emergency nurses.

Mandy’s is committed to thanking them for their service and dedication to the community.  It’s for this reason that we extend our “Heroes Discount” to any First Responder who orders food for pickup, or dine-in.

All that you have to do is:

  1. Show proper I.D. proof of being a first-responder.
  2. You must pay for your order with cash since paying with credit/debit makes us incur unwanted fees that whittle at our profitability.

The next time you see a First Responder, thank them for their service.

wholesale mulch & gravel

Whether it’s Spring Mulching, or Winter Salting, Wholesale Mulch & Gravel on Rochester Road in the North Hills should be your only destination for your landscaping and snow removal supplies.

Remember, mulch is not all the same.  Do you want quality mulch that’s only made from shredded trees….or mulch made from old pallets, and “some” shredded trees?  YOU WANT QUALITY MULCH, so you want Wholesale Mulch & Gravel.

Naturally Soergel’s

The North Hills premier gluten-free, allergen-free, natural and organic store that caters to our customers’ special dietary needs.  We offer one-to-one counseling, product sourcing and loyalty discounts.